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Payment methods

Customers that already have an account can make a request to do future payments on account. If you want this, you can contact our team. They will do a check on your account and will discuss further payment agreements with you. When you want to pay on account, you will receive an invoice when your order leaves our warehouse. The following applies only to new customers. New customers have to pay the first 3 orders in advance. We will start to process your order the moment we receive the payment. You can pay in advance in the following ways:

Online prepayment

When prepaying your order online, directly when you place the order, your order is directly send to our warehouse. In our warehouse we will immediately start with processing your order. Depending on the country of delivery, there are several international online payment methods available.

Bank transfer

When you prefer to pay your order by bank transfer please use the bank details below. In case you do not prepay your order online, we will only start processing your order after that we have received the full amount of the order (including VAT and transportation costs) on our bank account.


IBAN NL87 RABO 0189 1899 08
Bankrelatie Coöperatieve Rabobank U.A
Registered office Amsterdam